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Beltane! And A New Thing

Beltane! And A New Thing

a podcast thing...

Bright blessings of spring to you all!

I hope you saw and smelled some spring flowers today (or autumn posies, if you’re in the southern hemisphere). I hope you felt the sun’s rays. I hope you felt some fire in your soul: the fire of creativity, or the fire of hope, or the fire of passion, or the fire of determination.

The first days of spring (1896) By Alfred Augustus Glendening Jr.

I washed my face in the dew this morning, and my best friend Hannah sent me a video of her two teenage sons (one of them my goddess son) in England hopping a fence into a meadow to do the same. Two years ago at this time, I was there, and my friend and I went to the Rollrights stone circle for Beltane. It was pure magic.

Well, this year, my Beltane wasn’t as magical as being in an ancient stone circle with my witchy best friend wearing home made flower crowns. But it was a beautiful day and there were flowers everywhere. And I accomplished something I’ve been wanting to do for years.

Kate and I, having a laugh after we finished recording the debut episode!

I recorded my first podcast! And I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s called “The Witching Hour is Nigh” and the main topic of discussion will, of course, be witchcraft and the occult in popular culture. My first guest is Kate Laity, and we discuss something near and dear to us both: the portrayal (or lack thereof) of older women in witchy media.

Hilda Spellman: kitchen witch, role model, badass

We talked about Chilling Adventures of Sabrina quite a bit (we’re both huge fans!) and there will definitely be an entire episode dedicated to this show at some point. I am grateful to Kate for giving me some advice and tips on podcasting too! I’m very new to this and am still learning the technology and format and all the things, but I’m glad to have finally begun, and look forward to watching it evolve.

Many blessings of bright springtide and burgeoning summer to you all. Keep fighting, keep dreaming, keep going.

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